Resource development

( oil, minerals, timber, wildlife )

We need to have responsible resource development.  


District 6 has the potential to be a leader in the state for resources.

Doyon’s exploration of natural gas and oil deposits show great promise. Fort Knox and Usibelli Coal Mine are wonderful examples of long time, responsible mining.


We must continue mineral exploration and support mining! We need our forests to be managed and harvested for timber, creating firewood which not only produce local jobs and boost our rural economy, but heat our homes, businesses, and schools.  Fish and wildlife need to be managed successfully for maximum yield and health of the ecology in our region.


Filling the freezers of the people in District 6 is a priority!


I will ALWAYS fight for our right to hunt, fish, and trap. In times like we are experiencing today, during COVID-19, we have shortages, supply chain interruptions and price gouging. Harvesting fish and game has become ever more important! I believe strongly, our future jobs are tied to responsible resource management.  We need to continue to lessen restrictions, in a responsible way, to get new projects up and running. We don’t have time to be weighed down by unnecessary regulations and time restraints.